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NOTE: I will be on the shore all of August
September 15th-24th
October 28th - November 12th

Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington communicates yogic practices and philosophy to people of all ages and abilities, and attracts professionals* who share an interest in the field of yoga as a highly effective modality for integrative medicine.

*If you are a therapeutic yoga educator, yoga therapist and/or licensed health care professional teaching yoga as a therapeutic partner with your clients or patients, you may wish to align yourself with TYGW.  I invite you to contact me at your earliest convenience.

We are inviting experienced, qualified professionals and studios with a therapeutic orientation to join, creating a directory, a clearinghouse.  If you have a desire to become more visible within your community, and engage with others who share your vision and life's work, now is the time.

Our organization exists to provide high quality therapeutic yoga instruction, the best of educational offerings, seminars, workshops and symposia on the subjects of therapeutic yoga and integrative medicine.

Offering services throughout the greater Washington area and the Eastern Shore of Virginia, we now have a base in Belle Haven on Occohannock Creek, just off the Chesapeake Bay, approximately 90 minutes from Salisbury, Maryland, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

In the past, we have fostered collaborations within the local community to provide opportunities for multi-disciplinary ventures. On the Shore, we will do the same, offering programs on prevention and well-being, healthy aging and living with challenging conditions. Whether the result of injury or illness, surgery or simply aging, yogic practices support and strengthen the body as it heals, allowing the mind to focus on that which is up-lifting and life-affirming.

We work together, on and off the yoga mat, to create lives of meaning.

Our missions are simple:

We seek uncommon partnerships with  medical schools and hospitals, mental health centers, non-profit associations and institutions to share the vision that all people who define themselves as a "patient" will also identify themselves as a "student." To identify with the wholeness of life, not simply a diagnosis. To remain open to possibilities throughout a life time, rather than living with a diminished sense of self.

A perfect example of this is our work in an urban setting, within the George Washington University Hospital where we teach, and piloted a five month program on the in-patient psychiatric unit. A summary of this work can be found on the page relating to Current Research. In an up-county community-based setting, a similar program is offered weekly to a group of individuals in a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, now in it's sixth year.

We align with organizations who train young adults with ADD for internships, to expand the vision and capacity of professional businesses to employ individuals with disabilities.
We align with museums, such as the Freer|Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian Institution, to stretch the limits of cultural experience and transcend existing programming.

And through the great offerings of academic associations, including the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, as well as groups like  Science Cafe 360, we reach into the analytical heart of the world of science to bring evidence into the public arena.

About Linda Lang

I am a highly experienced teacher certified in the medical, therapeutic arena of Cardiac Yoga, with extensive training in classical Hatha Yoga as taught by BKS Iyengar, the ashtanga of Patanjali, as well as traditional yogic and Buddhist teachings of meditation.

When we work together, the goal is to create a safe and sacred space. A space where stillness, quiet and calm are the foundation for experiences intended to be meaningful, gentle yet strong, satisfying and up-lifting.

Therapeutics in yoga shines a light into this space, the heart of practice. 

To learn more about Therapeutic Yoga and my teaching schedule, follow the links provided on the navigation menu to the left.

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