Therapeutic Yoga   -

Seeking Comfort in a Yoga Practice
During Treatments and Beyond

I have worked with many individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer, prostate and colo-rectal cancers, as well as brain tumors. And Alzheimer's disease, ALS and Parkinson's. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), CHF (congestive heart failure) and other cardiopulmonary conditions.

And I wish to be of service to you, or your loved one, if such a case exists.

There have been people whose diagnosis was revealed during a time when taking classes with me. Others have come following a diagnosis, to help sort through their feelings and questions, the fears, the uncertainty; but mostly, to begin to develop a relationship with what I shall call The Unknown and Unknowable.

Yoga is a companion in and of itself:
During treatment, yoga is a comfort and refuge.
Following treatment, more of the same.

Use the contact form if you wish, or simply call me:

in suburban Maryland301.704.2040      on the Shore 757.442.4064

I am here for you.

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