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 If you are a therapeutic practitioner with a desire to become more visible within your community, and engage with others who share your vision and life's work, now is the time:

INSTRUCTIONS  to register for the
 2017 Directory of Therapeutic Yoga Practitioners and Studios:

Please provide ALL of the following information in the "Comment" section below, in addition to your name and contact details.
As soon as I receive this information, I will contact you with details regarding terms and conditions for inclusion. These are very exciting times ... I greatly appreciate your interest in becoming affiliated with this organization.

Your area of Expertise, Therapeutic training and specialization:
for example, special conditions; cardiac; cancer; children/seniors; prenatal/post natal; medical yoga; trauma-sensitive; addiction recovery; iRest/meditation. PLEASE BE SUCCINCT.

Number of training hours/years teaching with a therapeutic focus

Licensure and Credentialing (i.e. C-IAYT, LSW, MSW, MD, PT, OT)
Type of practitioner: sole, private practice; studio or institutional
Offerings: specify as best as possible what you offer in group and individual settings; corporate availability.

Reference: please provide one name of someone who has employed you (if you work in studio settings), or someone else who is familiar with your work

Fees and Rates: please provide the range of fees for your services

First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
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