Therapeutic Yoga   -

Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine
We're all together in the business of promoting prevention and self-care using time-honored wisdom
through yogic practices

As a busy medical health care provider or therapeutic professional, I know you'd like some hand-outs for your people to use to promote self-care, rehabilitation, recovery and a sense of wholeness.

Here are a few sample practices that I've recommended to students over the years. Many are tailored directly for a specific individual as well as a specific area of the body that we are looking to protect, make more supple and strengthen. All promote deep inner strength through physical movement and breathwork, and contain languaging that is up-lifting and life-affirming.

Please contact me if you'd like a set of specific practices for your patients, or for yourself! I am happy to provide a set of three one-page handouts as a special thank you for visiting this page. Also happy to work with you to create a complete package to complement your existing portfolio of educational self-care materials for your medical practice or healthcare programs.

Yoga for Back Care.pdf (PDF — 259 KB)

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