Therapeutic Yoga   -

Seeking Comfort in a Yoga Practice
During Treatments and Beyond

I have worked with many individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer, prostate and colo-rectal cancers, as well as brain tumors. And Alzheimer's disease, ALS and Parkinson's. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), CHF (congestive heart failure) and other cardiopulmonary conditions. Chronic pain and chronic degenerative conditions such as arthritis and other musculo-skeletal diagnoses. Psychological challenges of depression and anxiety.

And I wish to be of service to you, or your loved one, if this is your story.

There have been people whose diagnosis was revealed during a time when taking classes with me. Others have come following a diagnosis, to help sort through their feelings and questions, the fears, the uncertainty; but mostly, to begin to develop a relationship with what I shall call The Unknown and Unknowable.

Yoga is a companion in and of itself:
During treatment, yoga is a comfort and refuge.
Following treatment, more of the same.

Please use the contact form and I shall respond as soon as I receive it:

If you live close to suburban Maryland, we can work together
whenever I am there ~ although most of my time is on the Shore.
And while I am not a fan of going away from home
to discover the richness of our lives, I do offer retreats in Belle Haven.

I am here for you.

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