Therapeutic Yoga   -

welcome to the original home of
Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington
and since 2014,
Virginia's Eastern Shore

Linda Lang, therapeutic* instructor since 2000,
brings yogic practices into the community
with private and group classes,
community initiatives such as the Memory Café,
symposia and seminars, workshops and retreats.

 Individual and community classes
are available on Zoom, Facetime & Skype

Current Schedules
in Cabin John & on the Shore

*Therapeutic applications of yoga and meditative practices are well known in the East, and are experiencing extraordinary popularity in the West, specifically in modern clinical settings where medical professionals are recognizing the efficacy and comprehensive elements of yogic experiences
in the realms of prevention, reversal of symptoms and rehabilitation.

It is my desire that all people who define themselves as a "patient"
will also identify themselves as a "student"...

To identify with the wholeness of life, not simply a diagnosis.
To remain open to possibilities throughout a life time,
rather than living with a diminished sense of self.

We work together, you and I, on and off the yoga mat,
to create lives of meaning.

in addition to teaching yoga and meditation, i also create:

Seminars & Symposia:

Yoga As Lifestyle Medicine
to the Smithsonian Institution

 Embracing Change and Transitions
October 28th, 29th and 30th
Podcasts through Changing the Face of Yoga:
Yoga Goals for Mature Studentsclick here

You can listen to her March 2017 interview with Paul Volgelzang  on the The - Not Old - Better Show


The May 2017 issue of Washingtonian Magazine
features the work of Linda Lang
as a yoga therapist working with older adults.

Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington shares yogic practices and philosophy with people of all ages and abilities, and attracts healthcare professionals who share an interest in the field of yoga as a highly effective partner for integrative medicine.

This organization exists to:
  • create high visibility for the practice of yoga as a therapeutic partner in modern medicine by building professional partnerships
  • promote "yoga as lifestyle medicine"
  • provide high quality therapeutic yoga instruction, the best of educational offerings, seminars, workshops and symposia on the subjects of therapeutic yoga and integrative medicine.

I seek uncommon partnerships with  medical schools and hospitals, mental health centers, non-profit associations and institutions to share the vision  that yoga is a way of life, a lens through which we see ourselves and the world in which we live.

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